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Professional Native Japanese Translation and Interpretation Service Provider. HONYAKU SERVICES specializes in Large Japanese Translation Projects.

HONYAKU SERVICE is Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese technical document translation provider, specializing in Japanese translation, Japanese transcription interpretation, Japanese life science translation service, transcribe Japanese audio into text or directly translate into English.

We specialized in Japanese telephonic interpretation for IT companies. We make your communication with Japanese customers, suppliers, and business associates smooth through our Telephonic Interpretation.

We have been providing Japanese translation and interpretation services in various technical fields. We translate patent documents from pharmaceutical companies to bridge their language barriers, we support Japanese to English translation of clinical trials, medicine manufacturing, Pharmaceutical patent translation, Drug manufacturers patent (medical patent) such as Drug Characteristics, Identification, Quantitative procedure of drugs, Product Characteristics for Healthcare Companies.

The translation and services are in the field of mainly chemical and pharmaceutical patents translation including description of chemical formula of a molecule, manufacturing process, formulations, production methods, manufacturing etc.

Honyaku Services provides certified Japanese Translations and Interpretations services, enabling the translated bank Account statements of customers to be used in official and formal procedures, our translators accept the responsibility for the translated content’s accuracy. The translated Bank statement may be signed, stamped and dated by the Honyaku Services.

We also provide Transcribing medical audio such as Doctor\’s interview and provide the translation.

Arrange a Non Disclosure agreement for translating your HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL PowerPoint documents into Japanese or in English.
Trust our services, we immediately delete the translated materials after delivery. We are responsible for the confidentiality of your documents after we received your documents by Email. All your documents are safe in our hands.